• Go Your Own Way
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  • The Chain
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  • Everywhere
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  • You Make Loving Fun
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  • Dreams - 2004 Remastered Edition
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  • Go Your Own Way - 2004 Remastered Edition
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  • Need Your Love so Bad
  • The Chain - Remastered
  • The Chain - 2004 Remastered Edition
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  • I'm So Afraid
  • World Turning
  • Everywhere - Remastered
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  • What Makes You Think You're the One
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  • Tango in the Night
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  • Blue Letter
  • Caroline

When I see him,
I feel him,
theres an intenseness,
In him,
In his eyes,

He wants me to be with him,
He wants me with him now,
She just seems to be missing,
How can that happen, Anyhow?

So can you say Well I don't know what love is?,
You have it,
And you have no time for it,
You feel completly indifferent,
You feel pushed up against the wall,
Then, one day,
It just almost goes away,

You spend lots of time alone,
Sometimes you spend years,
And you miss those arms that used to go around you,

Night after night,
No questions asked,
And who gets the cold wind,
of it all everytime?,

Well, it's hard to be civil,
And it's real hard to be nice!
But you did it, My love,

So, how can you say
well, I can't see you,
Not now,
Not tomorrow,
Not until it's right,
Not until,
Neither of us is pushed up against the wall,

I don't throw the cold wind,
Of it at you anymore,

So, today she says,
Well, I changed my mind,
Thats a women's right, they say,

Well, I'm frightened and I'm lost,
And I can't give you up,
Not now,
I need you now,
I'm broken hearted,
I broke down like a little girl,

Well, I need you now,
Well, I'm broken hearted,
Well, I broke down like a little girl,

I need you now,
No questions asked,
Well, I broke down like a little girl

I need you now,
No questions asked,
I broke down like a little girl,

Like a little girl