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Someone's opening up for business
The morning rains the same old way
But someone should've taught me forgiveness
Now I see it in the cruel light of day

Telling me he's done me a kindness
She was going to leave anyway
But love is such sweet politeness
Till you see it in the cruel light of day

Last night was just a comedy
And I woke up like a walking tragedy
And it was right in front of me
But I just laughed and turned my eyes away

So pour me another cup of coffee
I ain't ever seen the city look so grey
And those pretty little diamonds in the darkness
Ain't no jewels in the cruel light of day

No I ain't some accessory
She can slip off from her back and just fold away
I don't need no-one undressing me
When I wake up in the same suit every day

So someone's opening up for business
The shutters roll so familiarly
And out of darkness comes relief, sing the witless
But I don't see it in the cruel light of day
No I don't see it in the cruel light of day
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